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Accelerated Reader

Using Accelerated Reader involves a student selecting and reading a book. The student then uses a computer to take a Reading Practice Quiz on the book. The Accelerated Reader program keeps track of the quiz results and generates reports for the teacher and the student. The idea is for students to read books that are appropriate to their reading level. The Reading Practice Quiz a student takes after reading a book shows the student's comprehension of the book. The student earns points based on the book's point value and how well he/she did on the quiz.

Using Accelerated Reader can give each student the instruction and reading practice they need and motivate the student to take responsibility for their own learning.

Learn more about accelerated reader

MobyMax Math

Indian Bend has a MobyMax Intervention and Enrichment block of time where students explore math online practice.  Each student will work on MobyMax Math twice a week, where they will spend 80 minutes focused on Common Core grade-level math standards. Students work at their own pace and have a teacher and a math assistant available to help them any time they need.  Students look forward to earning "Game Time" once they have completed various lessons. 

Learn more about MobyMax Math

Summer School

A district program by invitation only. Students "at-risk" of not meeting reading grade level mastery are invited to receive this extra support. The program runs from the Wednesday after Memorial Day until the fourth week of June. The Voyager Reading Program is used. The program runs Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Please contact the program coordinator by email if you have questions about the summer school opportunity.

We provide students with supportive learning environments that include rich academic and extracurricular experiences, interventions, and programs to prepare them for a successful future.

Because part of a students success depends on their community's strength, we offer information on the following resources.

Crisis Resources

Teen Lifeline

Mobile Crisis

Emergency Resources

McKinney Vento Information           

Family Housing Hub

Family Support

PV Family Resource Center

DUET- Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

MASK- Mothers Awareness of School-Age Kids

Food and Clothing Resources       

PV Community Food Bank

Harvest Compassion Center

Mom’s Pantry

Arizona Food Bank Network